Saturday, October 25, 2008

My friend, Kaylin, and I

Kaylin and I are best friends. I am almost 9 and she is 10. We have been friends since we were 1 and 2. We don't live in the same place anymore. She lives in Oregon and live in Washington but whenever we see each other it feels like I haven't been gone. Usually when I go down to Oregon I spend the night at her house. We always have fun together!
This is when Kaylin had her birthday a few years ago. I got my toe nails painted dark pink and hers were light pink. We got a back massage and a head massage but we couldn't reach the water at the same time. We also went to Red Robin for dinner. It was a lot of fun!


My mom is typing my first post for me because it feels a little overwhelming to type a lot! I asked my mom if I could make applesauce out of apples with the caramel sauce we had. First, I cut up the apples. then, I smushed them up with the potato masher and added some caramel. Then, I put a little cinnamon in it. It tasted sooo good. The sad thing is there is only a little bit even though I used two apples. I hope lots of people comment on my new blog!

Emma said that sentence was wierd. (But I bet she does want comments!)